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Internet Censorship in the UK

Today’s post will be a little different from my normal light-hearted style, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. This post is quite long, so I’ve included a summary at the bottom for the TL,DR folks. Internet Censorship The … Continue reading

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Zynga Lays Off 520 Employees

Zynga, the social-gaming giant (perhaps best known for it’s Facebook game Farmville), is laying off 520 employees and closing several of it’s offices including OMGPOP, the company Zynga bought just last year that brought us Draw Something (which I’ll admit to having some rather … Continue reading

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Those Forgotten Depths

Hmm, sure is dusty around here… I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now, focused so hard as I’ve been on my work. I plan on fixing that, starting now! It turns out archiving older posts isn’t as easy … Continue reading

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