Play station Now: The Second Coming of Cloud Gaming?

Sony has announced it’s plans for Playstation Now – a cloud gaming service that will allow users to stream games.

The concept behind cloud computing is simple- rather than require the end user to own and maintain high-end hardware, all the processing is done on a server farm and the result is streamed back to the user. This means that the user’s device need not be powerful at all- you could, as Sony intends, get Playstation 3 quality visuals on a basic tablet!

Cloud gaming is not a new concept – OnLive has existed for many years, but the technology has been hampered by average user’s internet speeds – obviously, you need a fast connection! Nobody wants their games to feel like this:

With streaming services becoming more widespread, and the average speed of a home users connection rising, we could be seeing the second coming of cloud gaming.

With Sony backing their own service, I’ll be interested to see how well the technology works. Cloud computing, in its true sense (rather than simple cloud storage ) has always seemed like a good idea but has so far met limited success in reality.

If we can, in the near future, play games like The Last of Us on our smartphones or tablets, that opens up a whole new avenue for gamers.

Sony also intends to use the service to enable PS4 users to play PS3 games on their system, a feature currently unavailable.

it seems the world is taking note- GameStops stock value fell by over 8% following the announcement.

Testing of the service is due to begin at the end of this month, with plans to launch the service by mid 2014.

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