Xbox One Prank Can Brick Your £500 Console

A prank infographic that originated from the infamous /b/ section of 4chan can permanently ruin your brand new Xbox One.

The prank, which originates from the random section of 4chan, famed for it’s rogue users and often explicit content, gives instructions to users that claim to enable backwards compatibility on the system, a feature that many users want but is not available on the next-gen console. However, following the instructions will ‘brick’ your console – rendering it inoperable.

Major Nelson, Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, issued a tweet warning users to avoid trying to modify the console:

Here is the infographic which, obviously, you should not attempt:

Prank instructions- do not attempt!

The Xbox One has faced severe criticism since its announcement and followed a rocky path to release. This is another bump on the road for the software giant and it’s new flagship console.

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1 Response to Xbox One Prank Can Brick Your £500 Console

  1. foxxiecinnamon says:

    4chan, reminding people not to believe everything they read on the internet since 2003.

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