Sony PS4 Launch

Sony’s newest console, the PS4, went on sale in the US yesterday and will be available from the 29th of November over here in the UK. The PS4 will cost £349 in the UK and costs $399 in the US.

However, as with any console launch, it’s not smooth sailing for the media giant. There are rumours echoing around the internet that design faults have caused Sony to halt production and asked Amazon to hold shipments:

Obviously, rumours are to be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s not hard to believe they’ll run into some teething issues when launching such a high profile piece of hardware.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One, Microsoft’s new console and the PS4’s main rival will arrive 22nd November in the UK.

Personally, in this round of the console wars I’ve taken more of a backseat than previously. I’m largely a PC gamer these days, due to having a high-end PC available that outstrips my aged consoles. I’ll be interested to see how the new consoles shape up though, and I may even splash out on one someday. There is certianly something to be said for the more relaxed style of play a console, a large TV and a comfy sofa has to offer!

We’re entering into an interesting new phase for gaming – with handhelds and digital distribution more popular than ever. How the new consoles will stack up against increased competition time will tell.

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3 Responses to Sony PS4 Launch

  1. foxxiecinnamon says: after all 😛 It does seem like pc gaming has created a new type of gamer. To whom nothing is exciting when their backlog of hundreds of games bought for pennies have little chance of being played the year they were bought. Their ‘backlog’ (I hate that it’s one of the most popular words any arsehole brings up in the comments section of a new game review) becomes a self made prison. Dramatic, yes but I think it rings very true.

    What happened to excitement?

    • Swiftpaw says:

      Indeed, even I am guilty of purchasing too many games from Steam sales that I have yet to install. In this age of high speed downloads and digital copies we no longer consider games as an investment – they’re much more widely available, but also more disposable than ever. Maybe part of that, at least in my case, is that now I’m an adult I have more freedom to purchase games, but certainly I can’t think of a time I got as excited about buying a game online as the days when I got Final Fantasy 7 or skipped school to play halo 2 all day.

      Still, I think that the actual games themselves are still as exciting as ever, we just need to take the time to truly appreciate them!

      • foxxiecinnamon says:

        Yeah spot on man.

        I think I’m mostly annoyed like I said at those comment threads at the bottom of games reviews.

        It often seems everyone is trying to show how little interest they have in something someone has created because they have already bought a bunch of things they haven’t used yet. Like some awful capitalist nightmare where games are just products now. Probably exaggerating but the rise in popularity of Steam seems to have something to do with this change in the way people play (or indeed not play) games.

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