Free Time? What Sorcery is this?

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently, so I’ve found myself with some downtime. This has of course confused me greatly. What do I do? My thought process usually ends up something like this:

Thought Process of a Bored Gamer

Over the last few years I’ve acquired a number of games on Steam during their crazy summer/winter sales that I’ve bought for 75% off fully intending to play, yet somehow it doesn’t always happen . Between work, friends and the boring responsibilities of being an adult my game library has slowly collected interesting, fun games that I’ve wanted to play but haven’t had the time or energy for yet. The epic single player RPG adventures and action games I played in my youth have taken a backseat for the quick-play multiplayer games like League of Legends that I can play for a couple of rounds with friends without having to commit large chunks of time.

When you’re a young gamer, you’ve got all the free time in the world to play games, but no money to buy them. Now, as an adult, I…well actually I have no money and no free time.

One glorious day I will boot up my copy of Skyrim that I got during a sale for two carrots and a potato and I will finally live up to the expectations younger me had of what adult life would be likea non-stop rollercoaster of great games and fun.

Sadly, today is not that day. Work beckons.

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One Response to Free Time? What Sorcery is this?

  1. Ah, the great irony of adulthood. You can do anything you wanted to do as a kid, but either there’s no time or you’re realize that eating nothing but ice cream for every meal is really stupid.

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