E3 2013

So, the gaming section of the internet is about to be flooded with all the gossip and news from this year’s E3. With Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement failing to impress some gamers, will they be able to shed a more positive light on their next-gen console over the next few days?

Will Sony and Nintendo blow us away with some crazy awesome games? Who knows. Personally I never got too involved in the E3 hype, but this year I’ll be looking at it through the lens of not just a gamer, but a developer, which will be exciting.

I’m not going to post every little detail that comes out of the expo, the news will be all over the big gaming sites, but if I see anything interesting, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts.

To all those who are attending or watching the coverage over the next few days, enjoy yourself, but remember that marketing can be deceiving. Still, there’s sure to be a lot for gamers to be excited about!

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8 Responses to E3 2013

  1. justplainrob says:

    I’m watching developer reactions to nextgen console announcements like a hawk, as I think that’ll be the true indicator of where my gaming dollars should be spent. I look forward to any observations you might have.

    • Swiftpaw says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit I’m curious as to how this year’s E3 is going to go, I think the gaming industry is poised for significant change over the next few years, and the success (or failure) of these next-gen consoles could help decide how.

  2. foxxiecinnamon says:

    Marketing is deception? Surely you jest sir.

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