Peter Molyneux’s Curious Secret

It came to my attention that the novel iOS game Curiousity, released by Peter Molyneux’s studio 22Cans, has finally had it’s secret prize outed.

The game premise was essentially a giant game of pass-the-parcel. A secret awaited one lucky participant at the center of a massive cube, that could be chipped away a little at a time. Peter Molyneux promised that the prize, available only to one person, would be ‘life changing’ but refused to reveal the secret. This led to lots of speculation about just what, exactly, this prize could be.

Well, it turns out that Bryan Henderson, from my very own home city of Edinburgh no less, was the victor, and he agreed to reveal the secret.

As well as a slice of the profits from 22Can’s next game Godus (a spiritual successor to Peter’s highly acclaimed Populus), Bryan will get to act as the God of all the people playing Godus, where he will ‘intrinsically decide on the rules that the game is played on’. 22Cans YouTube channel released a video explaining the prize:

I had speculated on what the prize could be, but I also knew that, with Peter’s unique mind, it would never be quite what we expected. We shall have to see how we fare with our new overlord. Will he be a benevolent or malevolent diety?

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