Xbox One Revealed: Let the Battle Begin!

So, with the unveiling of the Xbox One as Microsoft’s contender, the console wars can soon enter into the next battle. Will we see a repeat of the previous generation (as this handy image I found on the ‘net demonstrates) or will one side trump the other? Time will tell, but what about this fancy new Xbox?

Xbox One

Anticipation has been building for Microsoft’s newest console, and yesterday we finally got the unveiling in an hour-long conference. The console has shaped up largely as expected – it will feature hardware competitive with Sony’s PS4 and an integrated, more sensitive Kinect sensor.

On the software side of things, Microsoft is touting the console’s ability to instantly switch between playing games, watching TV and movies, and browsing the web, pushing the console as an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment device. Now, the cynic in me would feel remise if I didn’t point out that I already own a device that lets me do all of that already, it’s called a PC. Still, there are sure to be people who want a dedicated entertainment device in their living room, although for browsing the web it’s hard to top a keyboard and mouse, in my opinion.

We learned that the Xbox One is going to have fifteen exclusive games following the launch, eight of which will be entirely new IPs, as well as the Halo TV series that has been making some buzz across the web recently.

On the console’s appearance, I really think Microsoft missed a beat. With it’s square, black monolithic appearance and the way it sits in the corner, watching and listening to your every move (you can power it on with a voice command), silently judging you, I can’t help but feel they should have gone with something a little bit closer to this:

HAL 9000

“Open the PlayStation official website please, Xbox” we would say, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” it would reply.

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2 Responses to Xbox One Revealed: Let the Battle Begin!

  1. foxxiecinnamon says:

    Greetings from Sydney Swiftpaw !

    After seeing what microsoft has done with this xbox one I think we’ve just seen what can go wrong when there is too much of a focus on apps that aren’t games, the thing seems to be purely marketed as a mutlimedia device rather than a console.

    Molyneux clearly knew what microsoft were up to when he said what you quoted him saying before – I never thought they would go this far into being a multimedia box. I was all for netflix apps and such but this xbox one seems to have taken it too far.

    They are going to have to do a serious turnaround with their focus if they want me to get the console and maybe those elusive exclusives could do that. However, already Sony’ stock has went up 9% while microsofts has fallen a little – it’s not gone down well. Not with me and not with the world apparently. 😛

    • Swiftpaw says:

      Yup, agreed. I have to admit I found it amusing that Sony’s stock climbed following the announcement. I had originally raised an eyebrow at the PS4’s share button, but after reflecting on it a little realised it has potential – at least it’s still focusing on the social side of gaming and not everything-else-but-gaming that the Xbox One seems to want to focus on. Maybe some of these ‘new’ IPs they’re touting will be the next Halo or Gears of War and sell the console for them? So far, I think Microsoft could be in for a tough battle to persuade gamers it’s a gaming console, and that’s a strange and unsettling thought.

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