Peter Molyneux’s Words of Wisdom

I suppose you could say I have a stormy relationship with Peter Molyneux. On the one hand, he has been behind some of my favourite games of yore like Populous, Fable (the first one) and the Black and White games. On the other hand, he has been known to talk a fair bit of nonsense. I genuinely admire his enthusiasm and creativity, but in the past that has gotten the better of him

Recently, however, he’s said something genuinely insightful – Games consoles should be about playing great games and not about Facebook.

It’s gotten to the point now in this crazy modern world where even people’s toasters are tweeting. We Don’t need yet another device designed around social media. Maybe I’m just no longer hip with the kids, but I agree with Peter – surely games consoles should be built for playing games, not for posting on facebook, right?

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3 Responses to Peter Molyneux’s Words of Wisdom

  1. foxxiecinnamon says:

    I dunno, I don’t really see the problem in including a facebook app or netflix app. Is creating a facebook app really going to take away anything from the guys putting together the hardware for a console to make it play games well? The argument sounds great and will have people going “Yeah! I can get behind that !” but it still makes little sense like nearly everything out of Molyneux.

    • Swiftpaw says:

      Hehe yeah I can see your point. The thing I don’t want to see happening in the coming console generation is obnoxiously forced social media tie-ins shoehorned into our games. We’ve seen it a little already, particularly on some PC titles. Does anybody truly care about Bob Generic beating level three on Space Bananas: The Next Generation? Probably not, but xbox gon’ give it to ya on your twitter feed anyway.

      • foxxiecinnamon says:

        You make a good point – Chris Tucker might even agree with it.

        PS: There’s a part two the Tucker tale that just got posted.

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